Dr. Cianca bills appropriately for the time he spends and the expertise he has. He is conscious of your commitment and he takes care not to bill excessively or inappropriately. He takes his role as your physician very seriously and he will not compromise this allegiance in order to see more patients in less time in order to make up for the exorbitant discounts that private and federal insurances require.


Dr. Cianca does not file private health insurance or Medicare. Payment is expected the day of treatment. The diagnosis codes and billing codes will be provided to you so that you may file the claim with your insurance policies out of network benefits. Medicare patients may not file their claims with Medicare since Dr. Cianca has opted out of the Medicare program.

Dr. Cianca has chosen to do this primarily to allow him to practice medicine in such a way to give you the time you need to relate your history and for him to thoroughly examine the physical findings of your condition. He will also be able to take the time to speak with you at length and in such a manner to fully explain your diagnosis to you. It is imperative to him that you understand your condition and that you are empowered to be able to act on it.